Bobbin Lace - Watermark Point

There are different opinions about the whether point and the Paris point, are the same point but with a different name. In reality these two points have a different embodiment. The scheme to review the watermark is based on diagonal lines which are created of side diamonds, and the first two rounds it starts with a simple midpoint.

To start the point watermark will need six pairs of stub axles, wherein in the first starting point you place the stub axles slightly higher than the other points and put the various pins. You'll have to use eight pins, and will place them creating two equilateral triangles, one left and one to right in the tip pointing outward. The other two pins do them one north and one south than two triangles, in the end with the eight pins you must have formed a roar.

In step one (point to the north), take two stube axles (those on your right) and take two turns in the right pin (three point). Now take the left stube axles torque and repeat the same movement as before, always to the right under point three. Always do two laps and finally made cross stitch.

Always repeat the same step involving at this point the seven spot the one below to the one and five, close the point. Now you'll have to repeat the same movements on the left side, using the three remaining stube axles.
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