BMW M3 E46: King of Burnouts and doughnuts

The owner of this "total black" BMW M3 E46, from the bodywork to the 19-inch wheels, must not love in a special way his tires or, on the contrary, is very attached with his tires dealer. In fact, in a quiet industrial area of the United States, at first he performs a long burnout that, thanks to the skilful game of ankles between brake and accelerator, let a double black stripe on the blacktop.

And then, dosing the gas in oversteer, performs 5 perfect donuts, spectacular maneuvers in which the rear tires trace concentric circles on the asphalt. Finally a new burnout to return, with awesome screeching brakes, a sign that obviously besides the tires the driver will have to change the brake pads excessively worn. Hoping that he will be able to replace alone the mechanical components, or else the bill could become very expensive.

It's not simply to perform donuts and burnouts because it requires a great talent to not over accelerate and in this way lost the traction. It's plenty of videos in which the driver, trying to make a burnout with a rear wheel driving car, at the end does a very epic fail crashing in some wall or in another car, but this is not one of that case.

Author marcolestu
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