It is a sunny day in Tulcea, Romania, where is occurring the traditional Drag Racing Day. On the blacktop, there are two cars ready to stage a total German challenge: the first one is a light blue BMW E46 M3 Turbo, elaborated, with a power of at least 780 hp, and the second one is a black, extremely tuned, BMW E30 Turbo, two of the most appreciated BMW ever built from the Bavarian factory.

The BMW E46 is approaching the starting line while the eyes are caught by its rival, just a few meters behind: the BMW E30 Turbo is warming its tyres and then doing a burnout. The old E30 immediately places side by side with the E46, the countdown is close and both the engines make some noise, and they are very good noises! In front of the car, the 402 metres of the straight and the traffic light that is quickly turning to the green light.

The drivers push full throttle, insert the first gear, release the clutch and make screech the tyres. At first the drag race is very uncertain, both the cars are very powerful and fast, we have to wait not many seconds to know who will win: the old E30 or the newer E46 M3?

Author marcolestu
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