Beagle: Frisbee training!

Adrenaline and exciting short film in which we see a beagle in the throes of a difficult precision and agility training. Ultimate goal of the exercise is to grab it with one fell swoop a frisbee, expertly pitched from his master.

In the first part of the video, our cute four legs, lying in the living room of the House, in front of a large television. On TV we see spectacular images in which other dogs grab the frisbee with disarming ease. The Beagle watch the screen carefully and has greatly concerned, trying even to repeat the movements that is looking.

After the first phase essentially theoretical, here's the training moves outside, in a large, lush garden. The master of the dog starts to throw the frisbee very slowly, however despite this precaution all attempts fail. After a bit of practice and with any luck, the Beagle finally manages to grab the fly between teeth toy.

It is clear from the first scene of the video the remarkable exuberance that characterises this wonderful breed of dog. Initially selected as a hunting dog, the Beagle is among the most popular dogs of medium-size apartment. Well loved for its sweetness, especially by children, is a tireless playful extremely lively and headstrong. Having regard to its considerable energy needs a constant exercise to stay healthy.
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