Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Extended Trailer (from March 2016)

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a new movie directed by Zack Snyder, which will be the sequel to the film "Man of Steel", released in 2013. It's based of two very famous characters belong to DC Comics Universe: one of this is Superman / Clark Kent and the other is Batman / Bruce Wayne.

From some months, it was revealed the official date in which will be released the film in cinemas of all world, the date chosen is March 24th, 2016. So, miss still five months but are online, already, many rumours about the movie.

Batman will be interpreted by Ben Affleck while Superman will be interpreted by Henry Cavill. Also, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" should follow the story of the comic book titled "Injustice" which, at the end, has a tragic ending for one of the two superheroes. In this, in fact, Superman dies and his killer is Batman!

But, the storyline of the movie will be the same of the comic book?
Clark Kent (alter ego of Superman) will suffer a bad shock caused to him by Joker (who will not appear in the movie) and so he will begin to show delusions of grandeur that will take him to become a tyrant. For this new attitude shown by Superman, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) will start to worry and at first, he will try to do reason his friend. But, in the end, when he will realize that Kent will too dangerous, he will decide to get rid of Superman, albeit reluctantly.

Are you ready to watch it at cinema? Here you can find the new trailer of the movie. Enjoy!
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