Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko - Highlights

It was a long time that the heavyweights were expecting a match like that, able to excite the crowd and compare two great champions. Joshua vs Klitschko has given us many emotions and held high the name of boxing in the world, in a really beautiful night of sport.

To win the IBF, WBA Super and IBO world titles the two boxers gave the best of themselves to win the fight and prove that they are worthy of the world title. Finally won the young lion Anthony Joshua who, in front of the 90000 spectators of Wembley Stadium won by technical knockout in round 11 against former champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Anthony Joshua won. He did hurting, struggling, suffering. He did especially giving demonstration of power and personality. Wladimir Klitschko was a smash. He tried taking a costly tactic, made of a continuous concentration in an attempt not to offer spaces and opportunities to his rival. He felt to have the match in hand, only to have it slip away when it lacked very little at the finish. Have suffered and have raised both, creating a fantastic world championship!

The beautiful fifth round, with Joshua that hit the Ukrainian with a left hook and then with a series of powerful shots that sent Klitschko to the mat. But then AJ paid pledge to his inexperience, he went to look for the knock out wasting energy in quantity. Vacuum and oxygen debt suffered the reaction of Klitschko. The Ukrainian was in perfect physical condition. Dry, agile, fast of arms former world champion shook his opponent. The left jab was heavy, is nothing new. A surprise was the straight right.

The old lion has put together the forces, recovered concentration and decided to resume immediately the key combat. And so came the rescue to the next round. A straight right crazy, devastating. Shot that sent Joshua legs to air, on the mat. Joshua underwent a powerful shot but still managed to get up though is in danger before the end of the round.

The fighting remained in balance, but the feeling was that there might be a knockout at any moment. The breakthrough came in the 11th round when a right uppercut by AJ has visibly shaken Klitschko. The Briton has pressed, struck again. Unleashed in the action of attack has pulled down the last resistance of Klitschko, overwhelming. Sent him down a second time, then he attacked again. Was over. The referee has just pointed out with some timing that the past does not always returns.

Anthony Joshua is a worthy heavyweight champion of the world. The 90,000 Wembley they screamed all night long. The future is yours. An evening that has confounded those who thought that AJ was just a frame drawn from newspapers and exaggerated by typhoid fever. And he belied the fact that Klitschko could not offer show. He's a champion in the fullest sense of the term. It was a great night for boxing!

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