Andre Ward vs Alexander Brand - Highlights

It was held on Saturday night August 6, 2016 at Oracle Arena in Oakland (California, US) the anticipated match between Andre Ward and Alexander Brand. Fight is served to former champion of super middleweight Ward ahead of the big match scheduled in November with Russian Sergey Kovalev.

Actually the match was little more than a workout, with Ward that has proven to another level compared to his opponent. It was an absolute domination of the American boxer, who did what he wanted in the ring. Brand has nevertheless endured for all twelve rounds, especially because Ward has not insisted to try the knockout. Ward won the challenge in points for UD, with three 120-108.

Ward has literally played with almost forty opponent, who was confirmed as inadequate in the presence of the Californian champion. If the match has covered the required distance, then dragging until the end of the twelve rounds, it was just because Ward did not want to punish him, perhaps out of respect for his rival, or, more likely, to train resistance.

The match with Brand served as occurs for the next match against Russian Sergey Kovalev, already scheduled for November 19 next. The challenge will be giving away the WBO titles, WBA and IBF light heavyweight and is one of the most anticipated in the world of boxing. The two boxers were confronted in the ring after the match claiming to be ready for the super challenge!
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