Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz II - Highlights

Saturday, April 30, 2016 at the StubHub Carson in California, went on stage the match between Victor Ortiz (31-6-2,24 KO) and Andre Berto (31-4-0, 24 KOs).

The match, the second between the two (remember that the first was won by Ortiz UD after many emotions) had no titles at stake, and it was won by knockout in the fourth by Andre Berto, which it could then take the revenge.

The match was short but full of emotions, with the two boxers who have not fulfilled the expectations by an intensity match in which exchanges are not missed. In these hectic period in the first round Berto suffered a cut on the head, which fortunately did not affect the match.

In the second round, Berto continued to urge, without great success, with Ortiz who kept outboxing him. In this round there was the first real jolt of the match: with a left-hand, great speed and timing, Ortiz managed to knockdown Berto. Haitian boxer is however managed to get up and continue the match.

From the third round Berto began to gain ground in managing to corner Ortiz and send more hits to score. The fourth round was instead marked the turning point: Berto has finally managed to make his match and about halfway round a beautiful uppercut put down Ortiz, who has raised visibly shaken.

At this, have followed dramatic seconds for American, clearly groggy and not capable of counter effectively, since when it has been put on the ropes and repeatedly hit by the Haitian who has so forced to KO.

With this victory Berto hopes to have another world title shot, and may face in the future Danny Garcia for the WBC welterweight lost. The yet another defeat before the limit could instead have put an end to the career of Victor Ortiz at high levels.
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