Amigurumi Tutorial - The sheep

In this tutorial on the amigurumi, or one of crochet techniques to create stuffed animals, you will see the execution of the sheep, whose procedure is really simple.

crocheted, cotton wool, wool needle, scissors, brown wire, white wire, cream and black.

Start by making a magic ring of six low points and then close it with the brown wool, then made six other low points. Now start making increases of one point eight times. Now you'll have to do the reverse process, decreases by one point in order to give shape to your work. After the reductions, take a needle wool and black wool and go to embroider the nose and mouth of the sheep.

Now, resume work as before but changing yarn, you'll begin to realize the body of the sheep with white yarn and started to proceed with eighteen low points. Also like before you make the usual points of increase to create twenty-four points of increase, and then proceed to the next step: decrease. Just finished latter padded body with batting or with cotton and then sewing the whole with the needle.

After finishing the body, with the same procedure and with the yarn of brown made the missing parts or the ears, tail and feet to sew later.
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