Amigurumi Tutorial - Parrot

Amigurumi are small stuffed animals that are made through the art of the crochet or knit with the use of needles.
The terminology of the word itself comes from a union of two Japanese words: ami (crochet) and nuigurumi (stuffed doll).

This technique originated in Japan, in which these puppets are created through a crochet or an iron of small size, because you have to build a fabric very tight to be able to hold firm the padding. Mainly don't have a practical use, they are only collected by lovers of amigurumi.

Their characteristic is to possess an over-sized spherical head on a cylindrical body with undersized extremities.
These little dolls have become popular in Western culture only in 2003.
In this tutorial you will see the realization of a parrot, where you have from classic magic ring and, it made six points lower and close it by pulling on the wire.
Then, begin to make gains as shown in the video, until you have a cylinder that will be the body of your parrot.

Eventually there will realize that the wings with the same procedure of the body but decreasing the turns increases. Finally, enter the batting and sewn wings and possibly created by hand details.
And here's your amigurumi finished, ready to be collected.
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