Aion - The Class Of Game

This video features the playable classes of the MMORPG "Aion", you can use six classes and each has two specializations for the character, which can be activated by the level of ten.

The "warrior" is the most suitable to combat, with superhuman strength that is suitable for any mission. His specialization may be the Gladiator where using any type of weapons, preferring those two hands or the temple that uses magical shields and upgrades to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

The "explorers" have an extraordinary skill and volocità in combat, it is very difficult to hit. Their category specializes in two branches: Hunter or Murderess. The hunter uses the bow for ranged attacks and uses very often traps to capture or poison enemies, unlike her the murderess has an innate skill with daggers.

The "wizards" have the gift of magic and witches are divided into exploiting the gift of fire and ice and the sorcerers who used the keen of the spirits.

The "priests" are the skillful healers but of fearsome warriors spiritual, very valuable on the field as the cleric is specialized in all types of care both for themselves and for his companions, however the singer takes care to emphasize the powers of others.

The "engineers" are skilled fighters, are considered brothers hunters as their style of play is very similar, in fact, the marksman can use two weapons at the same time, however the technical ether specializes in technology.

Finally there is the last category relating to "artists" who use music to fight and are armed with harp. They are similar to sorcerers and is the only category that has a specialization, or the bard, who through the harp inflicts powerful damage to the enemy and that also has healing powers.
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