Adonis Stevenson vs Andrzej Fonfara II - Highlights

It often happens that a rematch saw the winner of the first match win even more clearly and that had a confirmation on the ring of the Bell Center in Montreal

3 years ago, the world champion of light heavyweight weight Adonis Stevenson had beaten only on the points the Polish Andrzej Fonfara by imposing two knockdowns but subduing one in turn, this time the 39-year-old Haitian-Canadian took little more than a shot to sweep away with the destructive power of a tornado by its defective challenger. A tornado that came out in one shot, the terrifying left hook of what is one of the most frightening shooters in circulation if not the most scary.

One does not remember in the 3 minutes and 28 seconds of combat a single stroke worthy of that name brought by Fonfara. From now on, however, the left hook of the world champion's left foot came into action. The first devastating effect was the landing suffered by Fonfara in the first half round when he knelt under the late effects of a left hook at the head.

The Polish, rising on bad legs, suffered several others, continuing to slip and risking the referee's stop in the final seconds of the first shot. It was not enough time to put off Fonfara again and was good at referee Michael Griffin to stop the match before the Polish could run serious risks.

After this clear victory, Stevenson should finally face the winner of the rematch between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward, so to clarify once and for all who is the true champion of the division!

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