80 Seconds of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

Very sweet and exciting short film in which we see the cutest puppies Cavalier King playing enjoy each other. The little four legs run free and safe in an enclosed courtyard. Between a broken vase and a plant bitten, is clearly the exuberance that characterises the puppies of this splendid four legs.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed of dog. Normally has a soft coat, of medium length, slightly bent, and may present different colours, among the most important colours we have brown, black and white, that combine variously with one another. Another typical characteristic of this dog are the long ears.

The cavalier king presents the ancient British origins, however the breed standard has been definitively established in the 20th century ever in Britain. Today are dogs very popular, thanks to their extremely docile and playful temperament.

The Cavalier King is very obedient and not at all aggressive. It adapts well to living in a small apartment. Is very affectionate, and then binds the master and suffers from loneliness if left alone. Usually live very well with other dogs, cats or animals and is very playful. Tend to put on weight and therefore must maintain a constant exercise to stay healthy. However keen to run, and then they brought out often for extended walks.
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