'71 Corvette LS6 vs. '69 Camaro ZL1: THE drag race!

This drag race bring us back to the golden age of the Muscle car, when Chevrolet was probably the best car constructor in the world with General Motors.
An age in which the engines were solid, the horses were many, the powers were great and the cars were unbelievably beautiful.

Two of them were the symbol of the two different lifestyles that Chevrolet, also today, keep inside: Corvette and Camaro.
In this video, a '69 Camaro ZL1 is facing a '71 Corvette LS6, with the Camaro in the left lane and the Corvette in the Right.

Starting from the younger, Corvette LS6 has a white body, but the most important thing is hidden under the hood: a 454 engine, with aluminium head, V8 big block with a volume of 7.4 Litres and a power of 425 hp. The transmission is manual, 4 speed.

In close-up the '69 Camaro ZL1, light blue body, the engine is an all aluminium 427 (that also equipped a lot of Corvettes), 7.0 Litres and the official power is 430 hp, but some dynamometric tests gave results of more than 530 hp. The transmission in an automatic Turbo 400. The ZL1 was built specifically for the drag races and Chevrolet produced only 69 of them, the minimum to get the NHRA licence.

The cars are ready to start at the green light, the eyes of the crowd are staring at them and at the scoreboard, curious to know how many time the cars will take to cover the 1/4 mile.
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