5 Strangest Soccer/Football Boots of All Time

Back in the day soccer / football boots weren't much to look at. They were black, leather, and all-in-all very basic. But over the past two decades, things have changed dramatically.

From colors and shapes to patterns, material and even gimmicks, modern day soccer / football cleats are interesting to say the least.

This quick video takes a look at the five craziest, strangest boots currently available to anyone. Even if you don't play the sport, these five weird boots will have you scratching and shaking your head.

Number five is Adidas' recently released lace-less boots that just do not make much sense. Every player is different, and being able to lace up your boots to fit the shape of your feet for maximum comfort is pretty important.

Number four is the most useless pair. In 2012 Borussia Dortmund's Aubameyang wore a pair of diamond covered Nike Vapor's that took over 50 hours to customize. Needless to say he didn't play a match with the boots, but only did a few warm up drills. But don't worry, they only cost $3,500.

Number three on the list of most ridiculous boots comes to us thanks out friends Down Under. The Australian-made Zygo Destruct boots are pretty cool in theory, but they just miss the mark. Covered in small rubber suction cup type patterns, these boots are supposed to help improve ball control and accuracy, but whether or not they work is still a mystery. Would YOU buy them?

Watch the entire video for the top two most strange soccer / football boots.
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