2018 Corvette ZR1 Testing at Nurburgring (Spy Video)

The sound suggests such force, but for now circulating just hypotheses about the mechanics of the future Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

Framed still undefined form near and even on the asphalt of the Nürburgring, one of the favoured by builders to develop their new cars, on future Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 circulate from time rumors and rumors about his power and the power unit that could generate. Pending its possible debut later in the year, in any case, all Rumors surfaced suggesting that the ZR1 can propose the current Z06 performance car already much more powerful-sounding than the same Corvette C7.

The Corvette Z06 is animated by a 6.2 V8 Supercharged LT4 engine capable to deliver 650 horsepower, able to push it to 100 km/h in just 2.95 seconds, while the aforementioned and awaited Corvette ZR1 could boast 700 HP. A value that would allow it to go even beyond the 330 Km/h!

Remaining on the engine, the assumptions vary between the permanence of the 6.2 V8 Supercharged LT4 mentioned Z06, greatly enhanced thanks to specific interventions on overfeeding, or introducing a new LT5 DOHC V8, from 6.2 liters of cubic capacity.

The specimen, despite the camouflage robe, looks brawny, accented by massive air intakes and aerodynamic elements as a pronounced front splitter or the imperious rear wing. Also highlights the energetic brake calipers that can be glimpsed behind the sports design circles. Particular, the length of the exhaust pipes used during testing of this specimen, which protrude enough in the rear area, ending with a curvature that orients the direction.

The sound coming out is still gloomy and full of energy, whereas the car travels at high speed on the famous Green hell.

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