2017 Corvette Grand Sport Revealed at Geneva 2016 Motor Show

It was finally unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show the new Corvette Grand Sport 2017. Proposal both in Coupe and Cabrio versions, the new Corvette Grand Sport will be ordered in Europe from September.

The Corvette Grand Sport 2017 shows an important calling card: the car is able to shave a second off the time obtained from the sporty ZR1 on the test track in Milford.The new Corvette Grand Sport is powered by naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of delivering 466 horsepower. The transmission can be manually selected 7-speed or 8-speed automatic.

Despite being homologated for road use the new "Grand Sport" chassis and suspension dedicated to the runway, a wider track and tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport with measures 285/30 ZR 19 and 335/25 ZR 20. For the most demanding in terms of performance also offers the Corvette Z07 package, which has as strong pieces of the carbon-ceramic brakes, Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires Cup and a carbon body kit, which increases downforce and paste the car on asphalt.

The new Corvette Grand Sport 2017, brushes the name Grand Sport led for the first time in five specimens prepared for the races in 1963, before the House decides to reverse and to call out of competition. Now we have to wait until it's available on the market (summer 2016) and then finally try the pleasure to ride it!
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