1979 Corvette C3 Burnout

One of the most famous cars produced by Chevrolet is without a doubt the Corvette, the production of which began with the C1 in the 1953 and continued with successive models until the current C7. But the real lovers of Muscle Cars are convinced that the C2 and C3 are the real and unique Chevrolet Corvette and it is almost impossible to disagree.

The third series was produced from 1968 until 1982, it is also known as Mako Shark and it was designed by Larry Shinoda. At first equipped with a 5.7 liter Small block engine with 350 horsepower, subsequent upgrades brought it up to a maximum power of 700 hp during the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1976, allowing the John Greenwood's Corvette to reach the maximum speed of 220 mph.

The car in this video is not as strong as the Greenwood's one, but unconcerned of that the proud owner of the 1979 Corvette C3 performs a series of burnout and donuts in the parking of a supermarket, making big smoke from its Goodyear Eagle GT tires and it makes sound the powerful engine, with the rear drive that glorifies all the horses (more than 300) that were sleeping under the hood.

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