10 Things That The Simpsons Predicted

The Simpsons are the cartoon certainly more widespread and popular in the world. Followed by adults and children, it is translated into dozens of languages, and is followed and greatly appreciated almost globally. Animation The Simpsons often appear Masonic symbols: the famous "square and compass" and the triangle with the eye.

Often the cartoons Simpsons have somehow "predicted" an event, inserting animations of events similar to those that occur in the world then. A very famous case, for example, is that of 11 September, can be revealed by a subliminal message many years before the event.

There are many episodes "planned", almost always events concerning the United States or worldwide. They expected the corruption scandal that has hit the FIFA, the powerful world federation of football, but also the Ebola pandemic, in an episode dating back to 1997. The Simpsons have "anticipated" in their cartoons and video games that have become successes of the planetary level, and technologies such as video conferencing, in times when the world of internet and computers was still in Windows 95.

If the world of Hollywood and the big film productions is notoriously controlled by powerful lobbies, which direct the culture and the way of life of people, the same powers obviously also run the world famous cartoon characters.
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