10 Greatest Rounds In Boxing History

The video shown here, produced by Youtube "Boxing Legends TV" channel, shows us a special list of the 10 most beautiful rounds in boxing history. In the video we can see the highlights of this rounds that gave fans a lot of emotions and twists.

The tenth place belongs to the first round of the match between Michael Mooer and Bert Cooper in May 1992, valid for the WBO heavyweight.

Going up one position, in ninth place, we find the 5th round of the first fight between Erik Morales and Marco Barrera. It was 2000 and the match was won by Morales for SD. A spectacular battle that was only the beginning of a great trilogy!

The eighth place goes to round 6 of Bradley vs Provodnikov, where the two boxers have resulted in violent and electrifying exchanges.

In seventh place we find Muhammad vs Lopez (round 8), preceded by one of the most exciting matches of all time.

We are talking about Gatti vs. Ward I, whose round 5 ranks sixth in this ranking. A spectacular match which then gave rise to an equally beautiful trilogy.

In fifth place Bowe vs. Holyfield I (round 10), valid for WBC, WBA and IBF heaviweight title.

The heavyweights also occupy the fourth place, with the match between Larry Holmes vs Ken Norton in 1978. The fifteenth round is the one that becomes part of this top 10, the testimony of one of the best times for the heavyweight category.

The third place is occupied by the incredible round 10 of Corrales vs. Castillo I of 2005. In just three minutes Corrales went down twice, but managed to turn the tide of the fight and knock Castillo.

In second place we find the legendary fight between Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns. A challenge for the middleweight title between two of the biggest stars of the era. The first round of that fight was an incredible beauty, something that boxing fans will never forget. Nevertheless, Hagler vs. Hearns is not at the top of this top 10.

Well, the greatest rounds in boxing history is the ninth of Gatti vs. Ward I. Two rounds of this challenge are over in this top 10, and no doubt the two boxers in question have created an incredible spectacle. Two true warriors, determined to argue blow for blow to prevail on the opponent. A battle won by the Irishman who was then followed by other two matches, to create a trilogy that deserves a separate chapter in the history of boxing for his immense drama!
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